The Bosino logo was first created in 2011 for a class project in university. It was inspired by the Mediterranean culture and style. The Mediterranean colors enhance the design looks of mellowness and pair well with versatile coffee tastes.

However, our business didn’t come to fruition until we stumbled upon the Bosino logo again while reviewing old designs in Martina’s portfolio. Seeing the logo awoken the desire of wanting to start a Deaf-owned coffee product business.

We at Bosino strive for excellence in every aspect -- from designing the website, creating coffee labels, and choosing coffee blends to carry and sell. Choosing the right coffee blends is so important to us because customers are looking for the best quality of taste to start off their day, which is why we have teamed up with Temecula Coffee Roasters for our blends.

Our goal is to give back to our Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing communities and all other underrepresented minority communities because most families of color who have Deaf/HoH children don’t have education or resources to improve the quality of their education. Therefore, a portion of every one of your purchases at Bosino will be donated to various charities groups and organizations. We are eternally grateful to your support.

Martina Bell, owner                                                      Manuel Reyes, co-owner